Friday, May 1, 2015

Good Intentions

Top Ten Ladies Mountain Masochist 50 Miler
Why is keeping a blog such a daunting task?? I'm always amazed by my fellow runners who publish long, detailed accounts of their races the day after it's over! I mean what happened to showering, beer, food, laundry, work, sleep?? I may seriously need to look into a time management coach.....
I'm lucky to have something written within a month of an event and even then it's a miracle if it actually gets posted. I have good intentions at the beginning of the year to document each race, fun run and adventure, to basically keep a journal so when my memory fails (which it often does) I can go back and relive all of the fun!
As you can see the 2015 journal attempt isn't off to a very good start considering my last post was in umm.... November, and a lot has happened since then! 

Here are the highlights:

2014 ended on a high note with a top ten spot at Masochist and first female in the LUS series.

January started the year off right with  two runs that have become tradition. The New Years Day Over the Top run: hosted by Eric Grossman and the Sultan 50K: a celebration of Mo's Birthday. I think it was my 4th Over the Top and my 6th Sultan 50K.

Over the Top

Sultan 50K

February  Mill Stone 50K & the Mount Mitchell Challenge

Running Happy
 Mill Stone was a great practice run for Umstead 100; it's 3 loops, on a fairly flat course, with mostly non technical trails. They have incredible post race food and locally brewed beer, awesome handcrafted awards and some of my favorite people! 
First Female

We had a blast in Black Mountain! rented a big house, shared lots of good food & plenty of laughs, ran on some snow, and everyone finished with a smile!
Start Mount Mitchell Challenge
Good snow in February also meant some fantastic cross country ski adventures! and one trip to Winterplace for some snowboarding.

March Honored to be selected among so many talented athletes for a spot on the Blue Ridge Outdoors Athlete Team! Check out the website & GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!

Meet the Blue Ridge Outdoors 2015 Athlete Team! These 40 elite athletes compete and participate in nine different sport disciplines: trail running, mountain biking, road cycling, whitewater paddling, climbing, road running, fly fishing, long-distance hiking, and triathlon. Our team includes teenagers and masters athletes at the top of their game. They hail from eight different states across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, and they will compete in over 120 events this year. Look for the BRO Athlete Team at events near you and follow their adventures here. Each of these BRO athletes will be posting in-depth, behind-the-scenes personal stories about their adventures all year long.
Click on each athlete’s photo to read their bio, race reports, interviews, and personal stories.

The Rain didn't stop us from having a great time rocking our tackiest green running attire!
Saint Patrick's Day Run

Fun Run at Grayson Highlands State Park

I ran my first 100 Miler on the last weekend in March @ Umstead Park in Raleigh, NC. 
It was a wonderful experience, if you want details you can read about it here Umstead Report


Who would have guessed running 100 Miles would be fun??

After Umstead I took two weeks completely off from running and enjoyed a great canoe/camping trip on the Roanoke River. It was super nice to take a break, but after two weeks I was itching to get back on the trails. I'm so happy spring is here and everything is so green and new, the trails just seem to come alive! 
Hopefully May will be a good solid month of training for Highland Sky in June!!

Roanoke River

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